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Adding Intelligence to your Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Are you a user of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, such as Microsoft's SharePoint*, EMC's Documentum, IBM's Filenet etc? If so, Third Sight's Email Knowledge Archival and Management solution could be the add-on to your ECM you are looking for to increase your ECM's Return-on- Investment.  Do More with Less!

Why add-on Third Sight to your ECM?

Are any of these questions about ECM relevant to you? Our Third Sight add-on to ECM answers all the questions below affirmatively & concretely:

  • User Adoption: How can I signifcantly increase user adoption for my ECM?
  • Include Email as a key content source to my ECM: While my ECM already has an email management module, its usage is spotty at best. How can I achieve an order of magnitude improvement in my email capture & usage (but without slowing down my ECM)?
  • Auto-capture of document versions: For key documents filed, my ECM still need my users to conscientiously file subsequent versions. This is a major problem. How can such "follow-ups" be automated?
  • Beyond Content, to Context: How can I leverage the content already  within my ECM to also capture the vaunted "social context of content" to make the content in my ECM more meaningful?

Third Sight's Value Proposition: Transforming ECM into EC3M™

Enterprise Content Management's key weakness is that it manages only content, in isolation of its context.

Enterprise Content-Communication-Community Management

Third Sight's value-add to your ECM lies in automatically adding live, dynamic context to your ECM content, through our patented Email Knowledge Archival and Management solution. Our Third Sight add-on to ECM transforms your 
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system, into an
  • EC3M (Enterprise Content-Communication-Community Management) system.

Third Sight connectors to ECM systems

Third Sight currently has connectors for ready integration with the following ECM products: 
  • Microsoft's SharePoint 2007, 2003
  • EMC Documentum vers 5.3 (vers 6.5 soon)
  • other ECMs to be added soon - watch this space!
If you like your ECM system to be included in the above list, please do let us know to help us prioritize our ECM connector development program.

Third Sight Document Management (DM) module

For our customers who do not have an ECM, Third Sight has an optional Document Management (DM) module to allow our customers already using our Email Knowledge Archival and Management solution, to extend their solution into an EC3M system.

* Microsoft, SharePoint are trademarks of Microsoft; EMC, Documentum are trademarks of EMC; IBM, FIlenet are trademarks of IBM.

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