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Future-proof your Emails - Avoid migrating legacy emails when switching email platforms.

Switching from Lotus Notes/Domino* to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange? If so, let Third Sight's Email Knowledge Archival & Management solution future-proof your email now before the swtich, and save cost & pain by removing the need to migrate legacy emails. Gain Peace of Mind, without Email Lock-in!

Why Third Sight?

"Conventional wisdom" says when swtiching email platforms, you have no choice but to en-masse migrate legacy emails to the new platform. However
  • Email migration perpetuates Lock-in. Migration converts from one proprietary format into another - essentially exchanging "handcuffs".
  • Email migration is painful & costly. This is especially true for all the .nsf or .pst files sitting on users' hard-disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs etc.
  • Email migration is a net-negative-value activity. Migration adds zero business value to your users but instead will likely disrupt their work. 
Third Sight breaks the myth of the above "conventional wisdom", by offering
  • an alternative to legacy email migration (i.e. no migration needed)
  • that also offers multiple business value-adds to your Email, and
  • that works not just for this but future platform switches as well

Third Sight's Value Proposition: Future-proofing done right.

Third Sight sees Email-as-Institutional-Memory whose strategic relevance will last beyond multiple email platform switches. Our features support this view:

Email Longevity 
Email-as-Institutional-Memory must function without change across multiple email platforms.

Your organization may switch from Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange today; Down the road, you will switch again (and again). Our solution ensures that your Email-as- Institutional-Memory must work seamlessly across the current and future Email platform changes, without requiring any email migration.
Remove Email Lock-in Email-as-Institutional-Memory must be platform-agnostic.

Email content is your organizational asset, and access to your asset should not be subjected to the whims and changes in the vendors' product or business plans. Our solution ensures that your Email-as-Institutional- Memory must not be locked-in to any vendor (including no lock-in to Third Sight).
Platform Interoperability Email-as-Institutional-Memory must be interoperable across multiple email platforms.

From an institutional memory point of view, you should be able to continue the same email thread started, say (3 years ago) in Lotus Notes 4.5, now using Lotus Notes 6.5, and (2 years later) in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Our solution ensures that your Email-as-Institutional- Memory must allow your users to do this themselves easily & on-demand, without calling IT dept.
Future Proof Email-as-Institutional-Memory must be future-proof to allow for un-anticipated needs in the future.

Given extended time period, you may find new ways of using your email memory that is not anticipated before. Our solution ensures that your Email-as-Institutional-
Memory is based on open-standards that provides this flexibility. (One customer, months after system commissioning, wanted their emails to be transformed "live" into web- blogs. This was done within 2 weeks.)
Storage efficiency Email-as-Institutional-Memory must be highly storage optimized and efficient.

Your institutional memory will cumulate emails from current & ex-staff, & across time for a complete picture. Storage must be highly optimized. Our solution ensures that your Email-as-Institutional-Memory is fully storage optimized at 3-levels: (A1) Attachment-as-links, (S2) Single-instance Store & (D3) Document De-Duplication.

* Microsoft, Outlook, Exchange  are trademarks of Microsoft; IBM, Lotus Notes and Domino are trademarks of IBM.

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