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Third Sight at the inaugural iGov Global Exchange Exhibition (Booth 3B4-12)

June 2009

Third Sight will be exhibiting at the inaugural iGov Global Exchange, an international e-Government conference organized jointly by MOF and IDA at the EXPO from 16-19 June 2009.  The Email Knowledge Management System projects of our customers (MOF, Minlaw, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Customs) were highlighted at the IDA media briefing for the event, including the projects' objectives and benefits:

  • Objectives: 
    • Retains information and institution knowledge contained in email exchanges
    • Enables the capturing of emails easily for sharing and structured archival
    • Integrates with data-mining techniques to improve search effectiveness
  • Benefits:
    • Enhance knowledge management and collaborative sharing of information within the organization
    • Better utilization of resources in the storage and retrieval of emails
See slide #16 in IDA's presentation (in PDF).

Third Sight celebrates our Customers' KM  successes

May 2009

A successufl KM project requires the right balance of tools, culture and best practices. Third Sight is proud to be the technology partner to our Customer's impressive KM successes:

  • 88% user-satisfaction. A ministry that deployed a ministry-wide Email KM system (powered by Third Sight in mandatory filing mode) has recently completed a comprehensive user feedback of the system 7 months after its rollout. The results showed that 87.5% of the responses are positive, somwhat positive or very postivie about the system.
  • 1500% increase in documents filed: A government department  integrated Third Sight as an Email KM add-on to an existing Document Management (DM) system from an industry leader (MNC). The results showed a jump of 1539% in documents (& attachments) filed within 12-months using Third Sight, compared against the prior 15-months using the DM system alone. 
  • Winning KM Excellence Award: A statutory board that deployed a KM Collaboration platform (powered by Third Sight) for its staff & subject-matter experts to provide reference and advisory services to the public has won a KM Excellence Awards 2008 (Bronze) from iKMS for their use of the platform to foster a KM culture and to deliver improved customer services. 

Third Sight releases INSIGHT Server Version 3.0

November 2008

Third Sight announced the release of version 3.0 of Third Sight's flagship product, the INSIGHT Server v3.0. This release includes several major enhancements, including 

  • additional filing options (as out-of-box configuration options)
  • provision for direct document filing 
  • next-generation AJAX capabilities to enhance usability
  • upgrading of search engine for enhanced performance
  • added system configurability for even faster deployment. 
  • advanced support for taxonomy management

Third Sight deployed at Ministry of Finance (HQ)

October 2008

The Third Sight solution has been deployed organization-wide at the Ministry of Finance in record time, taking 6 weeks from tender award to 1st phase of system rollout.

Third Sight wins National IT Award from IDA and SiTF

October 2008

Third Sight has won the Most Innovative Infocomm Product Merit Award in Singapore's biennial NATIONAL INFOCOMM AWARDS 2008 jointly organized by the Infocomm Development Authority of S'pore (IDA) and the S'pore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). The National Infocomm Awards is the industry's highest accolade for infocomm innovation in Singapore. It is a biennial award, first started in 2002,  for recognizing companies for making their mark in infocomm development and innovative adoption of infocomm technology in Singapore.

Third Sight Awarded Patent in Email Analysis Technology

March 2008

Third Sight has been awarded Singapore Patent No. 119242 covering the core technology invented by the company in 2004 for email knowledge analysis and management.  This technology is based on the recognition that  corporate emails are a collective of rich knowledge objects, and not simply files, documents or records. As a result, Third Sight's solution has been able to deliver differentiated value-adds to our customers on almost every aspect of email management, including the following: 

  • out-of-box configurable filing policies
  • automated conversation capture into the future
  • browsing-in-3D
  • searching-in-3D
  • visualizing tacit relationships
  • attachment management
  • seamless collaboration
  • embeddable workflows

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