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Email Collective Intelligence: The exciting next (r)evolutionary step beyond Email Management

Email Management today

Today's email management tools essentially apply standard document management techniques for managing email: (i) File emails into a repostiory, (ii) Browse emails in a linear listing, and (iii) Search emails using keyword search. This approach has often resulted in ineffective email management, because emails are so much more than just files/documents/records.

Why Third Sight?

Third Sight's patented solution is built from ground up to recognize corporate emails as a collective of rich knowledge objects, and that emails are not simply files, documents or records. As a result, Third Sight's solution is able to offer differentiated value-add to almost every aspect of email management.

Third Sight's Differentiation

A non-exhaustive list follows: For each email management: aspect, we show an example of  Third Sight's differentiated value-add for that aspect:

Email Filing Policy Configure your email filing policy to Optional-Silent, Optional-Prompt or Mandatory (Rule-based soon)
Email Capture We auto-capture entire email conversations into the future for completeness & efficiency
Email Browsing We offer a power-mode browsing-in-3D to show relationships, not just content
Email Search We contextualize search results on-the-fly to allow search results to be browsed in 3D
Email Context We apply email-mining to extract additional tacit relations (e.g. social networks) beyond content
Email Attachments We apply implied versioning & de-duplication to all attachments to allow attachment management
Email Collaboration We mark emails to allow permiited recipients direct access to secured collaborative workspaces
Email Workflows We embed mini-workflows into emails for auto-tracking (even with exterrnal users)
Email Storage We fully optimize storage at 3-levels: at the email-, attachment- & transmission-levels.
Email Analytics We offer in-depth, on-demand analytics into email activities - by projects, teams, users etc 
Email Extensibility We"bridge data silo's" to interface emails with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Microsoft Project etc   [ECM users, click to read more]
Future-proof Email We offer freedom from email format lock-in! Store in open-standard & revive on-demand into email [SOE sites, click to read more]

Other Third Sight functionalities

Besides the above differentiated features, Third Sight also offers the standard email management system functions, such as:

  • ability to file legacy emails
  • taxonomy management 
  • user/group/role-based access-control
  • centralized repository
  • content import/export 
  • system administration (users, taxonomy, content etc)
  • out-of-box integration with LDAP, AD for user authentication, VPN access, data archival/backup etc

Ease of Deployment

All the above are available within a single solution, and can be deployed quickly
  • without the need to touch your email servers (we do not need to know whether your email servers are in-house, hosted or in-transition)
  • for Lotus Notes, we absolutely do not need to touch your Notes templates
  • system installation & setup (not including customizations) can be completed within a month (our record deployment is 7 days)

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