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Applications of Third Sight to the Public Sector

Third Sight is already deployed to a number of government sites, including ministries and statutory boards. We believe our unique value propositions to the Public Sector are:
  • Effective and Efficient Email Management, for IM compliance as well as for knowledge retention in face of staff movement
  • Enhancing existing Document Repository or e-Registry with email integration to add context to documents
  • Future-proof organizational (and staff's) emails prior to the coming email platform switch to minimize potential disruptions

Third Sight has already been deployed to a number of government sites:
  • Third Sight deploys with no changes required to the Notes Domino server or Notes templates
  • Third Sight is already deployed to Lotus Notes version 4.5 to 7.0, and Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2007 (military units & uniiversities)
  • Third Sight has been deployed for both onsite installations as well as in a externally outsourced/hosted environment
  • Third Sight typically deploys in less than a month (not including customizations)

Third Sight features that are relevant to switching of email platforms:
  • Emails captured from Lotus Notes/Domino now will not required any migration upon switching to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.
  • Emails captured from Lotus Notes/Domino today can be "revived" by end-users on-demand into Microsoft Outlook later
  • Email future-proofing occurs transparently when users capture (file or import) their emails into the Third Sight solution
  • Email threads started from Lotus Notes & continued later from Outlook remains threaded (even if the email Subjects are modified)
Read more about future-proofing done right with Third Sight.

* Microsoft, Outlook, Exchange  are trademarks of Microsoft; IBM, Lotus Notes and Domino are trademarks of IBM.

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Applications of Third Sight to the Public Sector